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Once I was watching Bryon Rochambeau on a golf course on TV. I think my cousin, who is growing to love the hacking and putting of golf, got intrigued and asked me if there is any rule about time in golf rounds. How long should a round of golf take? is a good question. It is a question you must understand to be able to up your game in terms of a good pace of play.

So how long does it take to play 18 holes of golf? Even though the duration of a game depends on many individual and general factors, the period of play on a typical golf course, provided that a group of professional golfers play 10 second son each hole and amateurs take 15 seconds, an 18-hole round of golf will take 3 to 4 hours thirty minutes to play. That is if there are four players in the standard round. This duration varies for many different reasons.

Factors That Determine How Long It Takes to Play Golf

One golfer can play on an empty†golf course†and finish in two-and-a-half hours or even less. Whereas, a group of four can play for five hours or moreon a jam-packed†course.

The actual duration it takes to play a round of golf, or 18 holes depends on any of these factors:

  • The size of your group.If you are playing with a group or other three golfers, it might take you more than three hours to complete a round. However, if you are laying alone or with a friend, there will be less time spent on waiting on shots, and so you can finish in as little as two hours.
  • If you are riding or walking.
  • The type of courses you are playing on.A general full par-72 course should take an approximate duration of four hours to play, while a par-3 course with 18 holes can be finished in around two hours.
  • The skill level of the players on the course. Pro players that shoot at par or near may finish 18 holes with a group or other three players in as fast as three hours, even if they are walking around the course.
  • How busy the course is.Busy courses are not easy to play and can make the game boring, especially for beginners. On a very busy course, you could wait for five minutes on each tee box before you can start a hole. If you add that to the regular 10 to 15 seconds of each hole, you would be having 4.30 to 6 hours to finish 18 holes of golf.


How Long Will It Take You to Complete A 18 Holes of Golf?

If you are a starter, like my cousin, this is for you. Picture yourself on an empty golf course with your complete golf bag filled with clubs. Click here to learn how to choose the best clubs to play with. So you are an average golfer. That means, according to the numbers, you have a 15-handicap, and you take around 90 shots over 18 holes.

Now, imagine you are out there to play in a foursome, and you would play in the first group out. Crop out any details from your picture right now, like slope and rating of the course.

So, letís assume youíre playing from 6,000 yards.

6,000 yards is equal to 18,000 feet and also equal to 3.4 miles.

That is the length of your golf course. But since you would not be walking your golf course in a straight line, it is not a race. We can add a little to the length. So, we can assume that you should walk about 5 miles over 18 holes.

Assuming that you are walking gently and you are going at 3 miles per hour, you would cover the entire distance in 1 hour and 40 minutes.

As you walk, you are to take 90 shots. Each shot would need you to wait a littlewhile to gauge the distance and choose the right club while waiting for the other players to hit their shots.

Pro Tip: Quick one, never wait too long to take a shot. Go for it and hit it right.

We give you 15 seconds for all that waggling and swinging.


Now, you have 15 secs of each of your 90 shots. That gives:

15 secs x 90 shots = 1350 secs (22.30 minutes)

Take the margin of error for all your shots. We should round that up to 25 minutes to hit all your individual 90 shots. That is enough time. Anything longer than that is a Korean series episode.

Okay, you have three other players of course. If all of you spend the same amount of time on your 90 shots.

25 mins x 4 players = 100 minutes (1 hour, 40 minutes) This also mean that you have enough time to wait for other players while assessing your shots.

Remember that we already had a 1 hour 40 minutes of walk through the course. Add that to this new one,and we get:

1.40 hours + 1.40 hours = 3.20 hours


Okay, that is done. You would need some time to do other miscellaneous things aside walking and swinging clubs. Talk about bathroom breaks, drinks, jokes, and all that yada-yada. Take an extra 27 minutes for all that per player.

That is a total of 3 hours 47 minutes to hit 18 holes of golf.

How to Speed Up Your Golf Pace of Play

You may see that professionals play for less time, and there are things you can do to reach that level.

  1. Do not ask other players in your group to putt everything out. That way, you’ll save up to 2 minutes on each hole.
  2. Try not to go by the traditional order of the game where the player farthest from the hole goes first. Instead, use the Ready Golf idea and play as soon as you’re ready to go. You would save up to 30 minutes per round.
  3. Another key is in the hand of the golf cart riders. If you are riding the golf cart, try not to waste any time.Ride up to a rider’s golf ball, drop them off and go to the other rider’s ball. Doing that skips a lot of waiting time between shots, especially if you are playing Ready Golf.
  4. After nine holes, make a stop at the clubhouse or a shop for a snack or a drink. Never play on without snacking, or you would stress the entire group, and that would even cause more prolonged delays.
  5. Always play the proper tees. If you play from the right tee box that suits your skill level and driving ability, you would hit right and save time. For example, if you cannot hit long hitter or if you barely break 100, playing from the back tees is not a good idea.


Come back for more beginner tips that can get you right for the golf course as soon as possible. Drop your comments and tell us what you think we should talk about next.

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